About Armenia

Armenia is a country located in the Caucasus, in the northeastern part of the ancient volcanic Armenian plateau framed by branches of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains. Armenia borders with Georgia in the north, Azerbaijan in the east, Turkey in the west and Iran in the south.

Most of the territory of Armenia is located at altitudes ranging from 1000m to 2500m above sea level, situated on lava plateaus and on Pambak, Geghama, Vardenis and Zangezur low mountain ranges, which are divided into parts by a dense net of valleys and deep gorges. (The average altitude of Armenia is about 1800m, the highest point of Armenia is Mount Aragats, 4090m). Ararat Valley (average altitude: 850-1000m) is located in the south-west of the country, where most of the major populations of the country are concentrated.

The total area of Armenia is approximately 29.800 sq. km. Capital of Armenia is Yerevan.

The Republic of Armenia is an independent, democratic, social and legal state. The supreme legislative body of state is the unicameral National Assembly (Parliament), elected for four years. The government exercises the supreme executive power.

According to the Constitution, the marzes (regions) are regional units of government administration in the country. The marzes consist of urban and rural communities. In Armenia, there are ten marzes and the eleventh one is capital of the republic Yerevan with the status of marz.

In Armenia, there are 1001 residential places: 48 cities and 953 villages. The state religion of Armenia is Christianity. The state language is Armenian.

In the territory of the Republic of Armenia, there are about 3000 significant historical, archeological, cultural and natural sights.

About Georgia

A land of endless wonders, unspoiled by modern tourism and still retaining its authentic character – Georgia. Once experienced, it will stay with you forever. Exploring Georgia is a constant pleasure. For walkers and hikers the country is sheer heaven, while botanists and bird-watchers will be simply enthralled and archaeologists can’t decide which of the numerous ancient findings to visit first.

With the towering Caucasus Mountains forming the border between Europe and Asia, Georgia has long been an important contact zone. In this mystical land, you will be captivated by a thrilling blend of eastern enigma and western elegance. The traditions of the East and West meet in Georgia to form a culture unlike any other in the world.

The following legend adequately describes Georgia’s great natural beauty: When God apportioned the Earth to all the peoples of the world, the Georgians arrived late. The Lord asked them why they were tardy. The Georgians replied that they had stopped on the way to drink and raise their glasses in praise of Him. God was so pleased with their response that He gave the Georgians the part of the Earth that He had been reserving for himself. A visit to Georgia will confirm that this legend is indeed true: Georgia is a natural paradise.

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