Since olden times Tsakhkadzor was attractive both for living and rest. This beautiful place, which name is translated as “Flower valley”, has been inhabited from III-V centuries. Armenian monarchs and dukes went hunting in the thick forests, located in the valley at the south-east of Tsaghkuni Mountains. The nobility loved this gorgeous land for its soft, healthful climate. Over the centuries Tsakhkadzor vested from one Armenian noble family to another. In early Middle Ages (IV — V c.) this district was owned by Varazhuni clan, who managed the demesne lands of Armenian sovereigns. In VI century the valley came into possession of Armenian powerful Kamsarakan family, who traced its history to Karin-Pahlevids – one of the seven great families of Iran.

In 1033 the descendant of Kamsarakan family, Pahlavuni’s head Gregory Magistros ordered to raise a temple in Tsakhkadzor, which was consecrated in the name of Gregory the Illuminator. Thus the real treasure of the valley - Kecharis temple was established. In the beginning of XVII century the Flower Valley was pestered by nomads, who renamed the lands to Daratchichag (the name Tsakhkadzor was recovered in 1947). When in 1828 Eastern Armenia joined Russian Empire, Tsakhkadzor was merged in Erivan province. Thousands of Armenians from Western Armenia and Persia settled in the valley and the top of province society built their summer houses in Tsakhkadzor. The town reserved the status of a famous resort in Soviet times as well.

Not only Armenians, but tourists from all USSR countries enjoyed their rest here. About twenty Pioneer camps and a few large rest houses were built in the neighborhood. In advance of summer Olympic Games of 1968 in Mexico, the Main sports center of Soviet Union was built in Tsakhkadzor, since the valley is located at the same elevation as Mexico. National teams from all over the world came to train up in that Center. In 1972, when the funicular construction on Teghenis downhills was completed, Tsakhkadzor won popularity as a ski resort as well. After the collapse of Soviet Union the town overcame crisis soon, becoming the tourism center of independent Armenia and South Caucasus. Development of town infrastructure and roads was invested intensively. The highway from the city to Zvartnots international airport is in perfect condition.

The rest houses built in Soviet times were completely overhauled and modern luxurious hotels were constructed. Nowadays Tsakhkadzor is a modern resort, with extended infrastructure, perfect ecology and high level security. It’s a cozy resort town, offering world-class services at very attractive prices. Through seven years Tsakhkadzor has been an irreplaceable participant of the ski industry leading international exhibition - SKI-EXPO (Moscow).

Hosts of Tsakhkadzor hospitality industry and authorities do their best to make your visit to Tsakhkadzor comfortable, unforgettable and completely safe.

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