Below you will find detailed description of most popular Armenian dishes with links to their recipes.

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Grilled dumpling made either of minced lamb or beef, served with garlic sprinkles and yogurt.

Crunchy with an undertone of tomato broth, the boat-shaped dumpling is a must if you ever find yourself in Armenia.

How to prepare


Lentils, tomato, Zucchini, garlic, eggplant, parsley, mint, red pepper, onions, coriander and rice are wrapped in grape leaves for winter and cabbage leaves for summer. Pronounced as “Tolma” in Armenian tongue, this is an ideal vegan recipe to cherish, especially during Lent festival. For a non-vegan dolma recipe, check on the Udoli dolma made of lamb meat wrapped in cabbage leaves.

The raw taste of fresh vegetables along with the crispy cabbage or grape leaves will make you speechless after your first bite.

How to prepare


A sweet bread made of flour, nuts, and baking soda as main ingredients.

Known as kada or katah apart from gata, this is a perfect pastry recipe to drool over. Its sweet and exotic taste has made it a must-have item in any traditional Armenian event.

How to prepare

Cheese Borek

A spicy pastry made from the dough of spinach and beef along with layers of cheese.

Crunchy and crispy in every bite, this light pastry is a delight for your taste buds. A popular winter dish, taste it once and keep on drooling forever. With hot coffee or beer, it is just the thing you need to keep your mouth busy on a chilly evening.

How to prepare

Chi Kofte

A beef kofta preparation made of tomato paste, paprika, cumin powder, chili pepper, sea salt, and bulgur.

Enjoy the spicy kofte aptly served with lemon and olive oil and get mesmerized every time you crumble it. The finely prepared beef with a spicy lemon flavor is the one you should not miss.

How to prepare


A tasty dish using dried and seasoned beef with spices like garlic, black pepper, cumin, and paprika.

Frequently used as an appetizer for any get-together or a festive party, this dish gives you the taste of beef like no other. Try this out with lavash or cheese for a different taste.

How to prepare

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