Eco Tours

If you wish to enjoy the advantages of the unique nature and climate of Armenia, relax and just have a wonderful time - choose eco tours. These tours will give you a chance to discover the amazing diversity and splendor of Armenia’s flora and fauna, species of which was cultivated centuries ago for the common garden but lives on in natural glory in Armenia.
Tour programs are always individual and are organized based on your wish and emotional-psychological state.
Eco tours also include the possibility to explore the extraordinary architectural and historical values of Armenia. On the last day you will return to the hotel - back to civilization.

Bird watching

Bird watching is one of the exciting types of tourism that includes observation of birds or in other words bird watching. The name bird watching consists of two words bird and watching.

This type of tours become more and more popular especially in Armenia. Wonderful weather and unique geographical position of Armenia allow to follow movements of various birds species such as peregrin falcon, eagle-owl, armenian gull and many other. Tourists can admire birds,  learn their lifestyle, meet rare species or even find some birds that nobody has seen before.

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